Important Covid-19 Information

Swimmers should follow Government guidance and any swimmer who is displaying Covid-19 symptoms or who is required to self-isolate or quarantine must not attend training sessions. The Covid Officer or the Coach have the right to refuse training to any swimmer they believe may have symptoms or should be self-isolating.

  1. All equipment including goggles / clothes that your swimmer brings to the pool MUST have their name on it, any items that are left pool side that do not have a name on will be removed. This includes everything in the older swimmers kit bags and especially their water bottles.  For caps that don't have a name on them we suggest using a metallic permanent marker and putting the name on the top inside of the cap and check it regularly to ensure it is still there.

  2. Please make sure all swimmers go to the toilet before attending their lesson.

  3. If your swimmer cannot put their cap on themselves please make sure you do this before they enter the building, adults who are poolside need to social distance from swimmers so cannot help.

  4. Only arrive 5 minutes before you start time and swimmers should only enter the building once advised by either an Xcite member or someone from Broxburn ASC, there are other users in the building so we need to manage the cross over. No parents / guardians will be allowed in the building.

  5. Whilst in the building all swimmers MUST wear a face covering (unless they have a specific medical reason why they can't) until they are changed and ready for their lesson / session and then when they are getting ready to leave.

  6. Remind them they cannot access the changing area they need to remove clothes poolside and ensure they are placed in their bag.  When they finish the lesson / session they towel dry and put their clothes on top of swim wear.  Make sure you have a plastic bag to put on your car seat for the drive home.

  7. Make sure you are on time to collect your swimmer, they are not allowed to leave without a parent or guardian:

    • Tuesday

      • Improvers 3+ @ 19:40

      • Juniors & SWLP @ 21:10, this is when the building closes

    • Thursday

      • Improvers 1,2 & 3+ @ 19:30

      • Juniors & SWLP @ 21:00, this is when the building closes

Temporary Training Times

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